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Business Consulting Services

Scites Associates works with companies in all stages, from start-up to Fortune 500, to identify and solve business problems. Our focus is on the improvement of bottom-line results.

We work at a tactical as well as a strategic level. We bring to the effort a range of expert resources. They include skills and experience from Information Technology, Network Management, Human Resources, Industrial Engineering and Business Process Re-engineering.

Industries Served

Our team has in-depth knowledge in the areas of telecommunications, cable/broadband, technology, insurance and investments. But, our services apply across all industries and functions. And, we work with small emerging companies as well as larger public ones.

Why change the way you do business? Because everything around your business is changing. The constant that you take for granted today—your suppliers, the government, the regulatory framework, availability of funding, competition structure, and currency volatility—has or could all be changed tomorrow. That means that you have to build flexibility into your business processes. Find a cheaper supplier? Move quickly enough and you can cut your own prices. Government upheaval? Get into a new market. Tariff’s are under pressure?

These are not just corrections to a spreadsheet or a contract. These involve fundamental transformations to the way your business operates. You need to build change into every facet of your operations, so reinvention becomes the daily work of your company.

It\'s not an easy task. But it means the difference between staying in control and getting overwhelmed by a fast-moving world. Manual processes, inflexible organization and sacred-cow-based strategies will forever impair a company\'s competitiveness. But a business that changes gracefully will avoid a world of trauma. Through disasters, disruptions and economic downturns, it will continue serving its customers, delivering value to stockholders and holding on to valued employees. The kind of deep, ongoing transformation we\'re talking about would have been unthinkable, if not impossible, just a few years ago. But new technologies are making it possible. And today\'s business world has made it not only thinkable, but imperative.

Here are just a few of the challenges that business transformation can help solve: * Consumers are growing more demanding. They want innovative high quality services. They want flawless customer service. And if they don\'t get it, they\'ll go to the competition.

* Profits matter more than ever. In the short run and the long run. Costs may be rising, demand may be shrinking—but your shareholders, your board and the entire industry is watching your bottom line. And they\'re not listening to excuses.

* Cost optimization-Horizontal or vertical integration, outsourcing or shared services, the key is to keep your organization as lean and flexible as possible.

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