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Business Training Courses

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Writing Made Easy as Pi: Effective Written Communication for Science, Healthcare, and Other Technical Fields

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Commanding Attention: Writing for the Military

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In Plain English: Government Writing Made Easy
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Organisations are now finding that there is a limit to how lean they can become without endangering their effectiveness. Therefore when organisations reach the limit of this leanness what next? The only way left is to improve the capacity of the remaining employees and the organisation by providing effective business training that focuses on developing the skills needed to excel in whatever job role the person is employed to do.

That is exactly what we provide: good quality and effective training courses focused on improving business performance. All our courses involve participative and interactive learning, delivered by our own expert training team to small groups to ensure individual attention.

Details of all of our courses and related training services can be found on this site. We offer a wide range of open courses as well as tailored and bespoke training. These, together with our one-to-one coaching service and associated training services, make us your one-stop shop for training and developing your people.

Booking your training is now even easier. You can book any of our open courses on-line as well as by contact our office by phone.

Choosing the right training partner is vital, so if you have any questions about any of our training programmes or services please ask. Our advice is free and without any obligation. You can use the contact form provided to get in touch. Spearhead Training Group is the UKís number one training company Ė if you havenít used us before please take a while to see what we can offer you.

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